Anavar and its Side Effects in Men and Women

Anavar with its old name Oxandrolone is not a new steroid that launched in the market but the history of this steroid is very old. It was first produced in 1964, by G.D. Searle & Co. Laboratories.

It is also called an anabolic steroid which is also true by mean. The main aim to produce this steroid is to increase the growth improvement of the kids in general. It was used as the medicine and work efficiently for one decade.

After that many other companies also introduced in the market therefore Oxandrolone pull back for many years. After more than ten years, Anavar had made a comeback and this time it was introduced as a steroid that used to build the stamina.

Anavar is used to build the stamina and most of the males and females use it during gym session. Moreover, it can boost the energy level in real and you can enjoy your gym session with this steroid. It’s one of the legal steroids that use in USA with its new name Anavar and you can find it for sale here https://anabolicsteroidonline.com/product/anavar-for-sale/

In recent years, there are few side effects that have found in females and males respectively. Let’s check out the side effects of this magical steroid.

Side effects of Anavar

anavar side effects

Acne and pimples:

Some people complain about the pimples and acne on the shoulders and back. In severe cases it’s also appear on the face that looks so annoying. It will start to damage your skin and you will feel the hardness and dryness on your skin.

This is the reason that the experts suggest you to keep yourself clean and especially your skin dry when you are in taking this. If you feel that you are infected by this steroid then take shower twice a day and you will feel difference.

Hair loss:

DHT have a tendency to give the negative affect on hair follicles. This cause hair loss and this issues is directly related with males because they already have baldness in their hormones so its effects more often than females. If you already have baldness issue then Anavar make it worst.

These are the common side effects that are seen males and females both. Let’s check out the side effects that hit each gender separately.
Side effects in men:

Prostate Enlargement:

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the main reason to increase the prostate enlargement issue in males. It also happened because of over dosage on regular basis. Therefore, the Anavar is strictly forbidden to the people already dealing with this health issue. As a solution, Finasteride is considering as the best solution that help to prevent this problem in men.


The main ingredients of Anavar included C17-alpha alkylated (C17-aa) that often become the reason of liver damage. It happened when the person takes the excess amount of the steroid for health purpose.

Always remember one thing, all the medicines are poised that used to kill the specific bacteria or infection, so in case of irregular dosage or unwanted storage of the medicine, you poisoned your body in real. Definitely it will give you the side effect of it.

So, the better option is to avoid drinking during the steroid intake session and also prevent over the counter medicine for stamina etc. many consumers also complain about the increase in leaver enzyme because of Anavar intake but the increase in the liver enzyme will automatically back to normal as you stop taking the steroid.

Testosterone Suppression:

Anavar has the major side effect on men is in increase the Testosterone. The main hormone that cause is Oxandrolone hormone that does have a minor effect on the HPTA. Though, it is not a strong effect, but it may influence it slightly.

The Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH) both will both may affect somehow and as a result Testosterone suppressed occur. It’s never put any effect on Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and will remain same as they are.

It is very important to take the accurate amount of Anavar because if you already taking exogenous testosterone pills then there is no need to take such pills. It is effective and useable that is why it’s still in production but excess of everything is bad.

If you take the excess amount of this steroid, then you are responsible for any result. Make sure you are wise enough to take care of yourself while taking this steroid.

Side effects in women


Some females also complain about this problem because it starts after taking Anavar. Some of the enzymes in steroid are responsible of this issue in females. The excess growth of hair on face especially under the jaw line and chin, hair loss from front area of the head etc. these are the basic symptoms of this issue.

Disturb menstrual cycle:

Anavar is helping to boast the energy level but in some females it will become the reason of irregular menstrual cycle. Though, there is no any specific reason mention of this problem in females but its more common issue now the females who are using Anavar.

Moreover, the main reason of all these side effects is over dosage or use the steroid in unfavorable condition. If you already know the side effect of this steroids and still using than it is you who are responsible for the problem but not Anavar.

Bottom line

Anavar is one of the legal steroids in USA that use to build the stamina and boost the energy level. The side effects of this steroid are seemed in the form of major issues in males and females that even make them infertile.

That is why it is important to take the right amount of the Anavar for better results. Anavar is without a doubt side-effect steroid however, only if you will keep up with right dosage.

Also don’t use it for more than six months without expert’s prescriptions and instructions. Consider this steroid for better results.

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